Enso Launcher

Enso Launcher Build 3268

A faster, easier access to your programs and documents


  • Very original way to work
  • Includes several preconfigured commands
  • Can be easily taught new commands
  • Works with apps, websites, folders, documents...


  • Hotkey is not freely customizable and can be uncomfortable
  • No configuration settings

Very good

Let's face it: more often than not, we end up using the same apps and opening the same files day after day. So why not use a special launcher to access them in an easier way?

You can Enso Launcher for this purpose: this original app launcher lets you open files, launch applications and run certain commands just by typing the first few letters of their names, which appear written in large print on your screen.

So for example, if you want to launch your web browser, just begin typing "open firefox"; by the moment you reach the letter r the browser will already be opened.

Enso Launcher includes a bunch or parameters that have already been configured to use, but you can "teach" the program as many as you want in a very easy way.

All parameters must be entered while pressing a certain hotkey, which sometimes feels a bit uncomfortable. This key can be customized but only among a few choices.

Apart from that, there are no other configuration settings.

Enso Launcher is an original app launcher with not many configuration options but with a great capacity to learn.

Enso Launcher is designed to give you instant access to your applications and windows. With a few easily remembered keystrokes, you can launch an application, switch to a window by name, and control the state of your windows.

Enso Launcher


Enso Launcher Build 3268

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